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Applying coatings yourself produces maximum results

The number of innovative ReduSystems solutions has grown rapidly over the past few years. Today, it is possible to control the light in your greenhouse in every season. This is why we are your partner all year round for optimising the light and climate in your greenhouse.

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‘Applying coatings yourself produces maximum results’

Increasingly more companies are cleaning the greenhouse cover using a roof-washer. This machine is easy to expand with a spray-boom so you can use it to meticulously and uniformly apply a coating yourself whenever necessary.
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Houseplants flourish under ReduSol and ReduFuse IR

On hot days the temperature in the Bridge Farm Group’s greenhouses can rise to as much as 40°C without any intervention. There isn’t a plant able to withstand such temperatures without a negative effect on growth. ReduSol lowers the temperature sufficiently to prevent problems. ReduFuse IR is currently being used for some varieties as well.
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