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Cleaning ReduSystems with ReduClean

Different ReduClean versions
ReduClean is available in 20-liter cans and IBC’s of 1.000 litre. Only by using the correct ReduClean version in the prescribed quantities we can guarantee the cleaning result.
ReduSystems coatings have been developed as a system and therefore only with ReduClean a perfect cleaning can be guaranteed with a minimal effect on the environment. We expressly reject all liability if the ReduSystems coatings are not cleaned with ReduClean.

Personal protective equipment
Since ReduClean in its concentrated form is corrosive, it is compulsory to avoid contact with skin and eyes and wear a safety mask, protective gloves and protective clothing. This is clearly indicated in the safety data sheet of the products. If you have any questions about this subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to use ReduClean?
Below you will find some important guidelines for the use of ReduClean:
– Check whether the waterways and surroundings are suitable for the inflow of ReduClean. In most areas ReduClean rinse water is allowed to run into the surface water. Check with local authorities if necessary. You can prevent visual discoloration (temporary and harmless) by disposing under the waterline in a wide river with sufficient capacity and enough flow.
– Preferably close the inlet of the irrigation basin from the start of the application until the shading material is removed. If the rinse water can only be led into the basin, check the usability of the irrigation water before using it. If necessary, adjust the pH.
– Always dilute products with water in the right amount before use and rinse with a large amount of water. Use the quantity of ReduClean as described above and dilute with 5-7 parts of clean water. In case of machine application average use is 1200 liters of water and in case of manual application average use is 1750 liters of water.
– ReduClean works optimally at an ambient temperature of between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius. Store the cans (also during use) at room temperature, otherwise the product may thicken.
– Shake cans well before use and spray ReduClean evenly to a dry greenhouse surface (beware of condensation and dew). Do not apply ReduClean on a wet surface or during rain because it needs at least 15 minutes to react with the coating.
– Make sure that the entire coating is moistened. Sections that are not moistened will not be removed.
– Allow ReduClean to soak in for at least 15 minutes before removing it with water or brushing. Or a considerable amount of rain needs to be expected within one week. The rain will wash off the coating. When removing diffuse coatings (ReduFuse or ReduFuse IR) considerable rainfall should fall within 2 days for proper cleaning. If insufficient rain is expected, we recommend that you do not clean with ReduClean, as the result will be insufficient. From experience we know the majority of removal problems occur because precipitation does not fall in time. In that case a second application of ReduClean is needed.
– All ReduClean versions have a shelf life of 3 years. Cans older than 1 year should be shaken for a while, as the active ingredients may have settled.

Roof sprinklers
Please note the use of roof sprinklers on the coating may make removal with ReduClean more difficult. When using spring or tap water, iron or chalk deposits might have been formed on the coating which cannot be removed by ReduClean. A possible solution is to use an acid (e.g. oxalic acid) to remove the iron- or calcareous layer caused by the roof irrigation. After rinsing this layer, ReduClean can be applied. If in doubt, ask us for advice.

Take care when using ReduClean after a heat wave!
At some moments, the fish in canals, ditches and rivers have very low resistance due to the extremely hot weather and the lack of oxygen in the water. You should therefore be very careful when using ReduClean. In low concentrations, ReduClean is not harmful to the environment, but we want to minimise any effect at all times. Due to the low resistance of aquatic life at the moment, we recommend additional measures to avoid putting unnecessary extra strain on the fish, such as:
– Do not discharge large amounts of cleaning water with ReduClean into surface water at once. If possible, clean a large greenhouse in parts.
– Avoid draining into stagnant water, but make sure that the cleaning water ends up in a well-flowing river, brook or ditch.
– Avoid discharging cleaning water in small streams, but choose a wide river with sufficient capacity.
Only together can we ensure that the burden on the environment is kept to a minimum. We advise you to discuss the above points with your client as well.

If you have any questions, please contact us.