Crop Supplies

Flip Engelbrecht

Flip Engelbrecht was born in Vryburg and grew up on a cattle farm near the town.  He is married to Daleen and they have three children, Bianca (26), Flippie (23) and Hanco (16).

After he matriculated, he joined the SAPS and four years later, he got an opportunity to farm.

He later studied Advanced Business Management at the ABKS University of North West and Forensic Auditing at the University of the Western Cape.

With more than 20 years experience as a farm manager, Flip has wide knowledge of management, irrigation, green houses and the growing of different crops.

In the flower industry, he was an employee at Sun Valley Africa Flowers and he was also a manager at Versilia Flowers, a rose farm near Krugersdorp, for five and a half years.

Flip’s passion in to help farmers and businesses to reach their full potential with hard work, honesty and good relations.  His Christian beliefs form the basis for his working ethics.

His hobbies include fishing and horse riding.