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Pots in hip colours

With a range of colours including pink blush, liver, lime green, ochre and many more! Modiform has incorporated the newest style trends into the colour trends for 2021-2022. Then we went one step further and turned these colours into the beautifully coloured Thomsen pots. These injection moulding pot are your way of effortlessly adapting to […]

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Ongoing growth of Closed Loop Commitment

A fossil-free supply chain from start to finish! Large multinationals such as BASF, Unilever and Apple are working hard to achieve their sustainability ambitions. BASF wants to achieve CO₂-neutral growth over the next ten years; Unilever’s ambition is to achieve CO₂-neutral logistics by 2030; and Apple is even aiming to achieve CO₂-neutral business operations, production […]

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Flip Engelbrecht

Flip Engelbrecht was born in Vryburg and grew up on a cattle farm near the town.  He is married to Daleen and they have three children, Bianca (26), Flippie (23) and Hanco (16). After he matriculated, he joined the SAPS and four years later, he got an opportunity to farm. He later studied Advanced Business […]

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Werner Smith – Journey to Crop Supplies

Born and raised in Limpopo, Tzaneen. Lived there for 33 years. Met my wonderful wife, Lerina Bronkhorst, and decided to move to Gauteng where she lived already for 6 years, by that time. We got married in September of 2016 and the Lord blessed our marriage with a beautiful little boy, Phillip, nickname Krummel, if […]

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Air Porosity: What Is It and How Important Is It?

Most commercially produced growing media are composed of a combination of one or more components, such as sphagnum peat moss, perlite or pumice type materials, coir, bark or wood products, vermiculite and other materials, to produce distinct physical properties that will provide the plant with the best possible air porosity and water holding capacity for […]

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Moisture management for rooting of cuttings

Managing moisture during rooting of vegetative cuttings is critical for achieving uniform rooting. Before sticking cuttings it is important to thoroughly moisten the media (rooting soil). Apply water slowly to obtain uniform distribution (wetting). This may require 2-3 applications. A well-moistened substrate will make sticking easier. Avoid applying too much water to the rooting media. […]

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