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Air Porosity: What Is It and How Important Is It?

Most commercially produced growing media are composed of a combination of one or more components, such as sphagnum peat moss, perlite or pumice type materials, coir, bark or wood products, vermiculite and other materials, to produce distinct physical properties that will provide the plant with the best possible air porosity and water holding capacity for […]

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Moisture management for rooting of cuttings

Managing moisture during rooting of vegetative cuttings is critical for achieving uniform rooting. Before sticking cuttings it is important to thoroughly moisten the media (rooting soil). Apply water slowly to obtain uniform distribution (wetting). This may require 2-3 applications. A well-moistened substrate will make sticking easier. Avoid applying too much water to the rooting media. […]

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Dealer for De Pagter Innovations

Crop Supplies SA is now dealer for South Africa for De Pagter Innovations: tailor made transport & display systems for flowers on water & potplants. Please ask for more information.

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Pepper trial at UNISA Roodenpoort

The first of May Crop Supplies SA, Delphy and Koppert SA started a pepper trial at UNISA Roodenpoort. The peppers will be transplanted as a seedling into propagation cubes 10*10*7 cm of cocos. Than, when plants are ± 30 cm high, the plants will be placed on grow bags with cocos. We use 2 different […]

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A small introduction!

Hello Growers in South Africa! We would like to introduce René to you. René Zwinkels underwent a education at the Realm Middle Horticulture school in the Netherlands. After finishing his education, René worked for a few growers, especially as manager. In 1983, René became a independent grower of especially Lilies, Irises, Gladiolus, but also pot plants for […]

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