Crop Supplies

Ongoing growth of Closed Loop Commitment

A fossil-free supply chain from start to finish!

Large multinationals such as BASF, Unilever and Apple are working hard to achieve their sustainability ambitions. BASF wants to achieve CO₂-neutral growth over the next ten years; Unilever’s ambition is to achieve CO₂-neutral logistics by 2030; and Apple is even aiming to achieve CO₂-neutral business operations, production supply chains and product life cycles by 2030.Rabobank, based in the Netherlands, has launched a new bank named ‘Carbon Bank’ that should reduce CO₂ emissions by grouping small-scale initiatives and helping farmers to sell clean air. It’s clear that more and more partnerships are springing up, showing how we can achieve a more sustainable world together.

Encapsulated in ‘Horizon2025’, Modiform has formulated its ambition to achieve CO₂-neutral production and distribution within five years from now. However, this ambition transcends its own business operations – it includes the entire horticultural industry. Modiform is taking the lead in working with the entire supply chain to bring about sustainable change in the sector and become the first fully fossil-free industry. Are you with us?

The power of co-creation: carrier for sustainable garden concept

Our French client Fleuron d’Anjou has developed a new garden concept, Slow Garden, and was specifically looking for plastic-free solutions for sustainable gardening to support it. We were all too glad to help, and developed the EcoExpert carrier especially for this concept. The carrier is strong, water-repellent, made from 100% recycled material, is 100% recyclable, and is food safety approved (BRC certification). It’s also been optimised for transport – eight carriers can now fit on a Danish shelf. This is yet another amazing example of how sustainable partnerships can close the material loop!

Straight from the tray into the planters

The grower Kweker Vilosa grows Kalanchoes in propagation trays, which are then processed by other companies into ready-to-use planters. The new propagation tray (1039) means the plants can go straight from the tray into the planters, so that both Vilosa and the buyers can save on pots and covers. The trays come back to Vilosa, are cleaned, and are refilled with potting compost and cuttings. This is another great example of our Closed Loop Commitment!

Fantastic initiative!
Our cool grey ‘Hello Garden’ returnable trays are made from 100% recycled PS from used refrigerators – that means zero use of virgin material. The vast majority of the trays are returned and recycled in their entirety. As compensation for the trays that aren’t returned, Griffioen Wassenaar (a grower of perennials) decided to donate the deposit money from the returned trays to Enjoycleaningup, a foundation that trains dogs to retrieve litter. We think it’s an awesome initiative!