Crop Supplies

Elastic binder AXRO2BASIC Cyklop

The products are passed along the table surface through the pre-draped elastic cord. The machine switches on: the needle arm pulls the elastic cord behind the bundle into the tying mechanism. The ends of the elastic cord are tied and then cut. A new end of elastic cord returns with the needle to the “up position” completing the cycle. The tied product can be removed.

• Fast to maximize labour productivity.
• Ideal for unitizing small products, plastic tubing, loose
wires, envelopes or cut flowers and other soft of delicate
bundles or packages.
• Using high strength, reinforced elastic cord, stays tight
around bundles but won’t bruise or damage products.
• Extremely easy operation, all functions executed
automatically after trigging start switch.
• Appropriate modern industrial design, covered mechanism
for safety and protection against dirt.
• Minimal maintenance, robust and noiseless.