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Fibre-Neth® Twin 3.0

Fibre-Neth® Twin 3.0 is a Fibre-Neth® plug, specially developed for the propagation of Phalaenopsis. The plug makes it possible for propagators to sort their Phalaenopsis and propagate plants separately. Fibre-Neth® Twin 3.0 consists of two parts that are made of a special Phalaenopsis substrate based on coco. The tissue-culture plant is clamped between the two parts, which are then inserted into a basket of biodegradable plastic. The baskets are placed in a 72-, 60- or 50-hole tray. When the young plants have grown enough they can be sorted.


  • Delivery in filling tray
  • Delivery in cardboard boxes
  • In combination with 72-hole propagation tray, 50-hole or 60-hole transfer tray

Because of the unique properties, the Fibre-Neth® plugs can be controlled well, ensure optimal root development, root fast and can be planted quickly.