Crop Supplies

Forteco Maximum

Forteco coco slabs are completely ‘ready-to-use’. Drainage slits and plant holes are pre-cut and dripper holes are drilled. Coco slabs have a high air-holding capacity, which affords good drainage capacity and excellent crop management. Plants root very easily in coco slabs due to their unique air/water ratio and the roots are distributed throughout the entire substrate.


  • Maximum generative growth
  • The slab has an air-holding capacity of 40 vol.% at full water saturation
  • Made from crushed husk
  • Stable structure
  • Buffered or washed
  • Drainage slits, plant holes, plank holes and dripper holes on request
  • Measurements on request
  • 100% recyclable


  • Suitable for several crops, such as vegetables, flowers and small fruit