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Hyplast Tunnel Cover Film

Tunnel Cover Film 200 my thickness, we can cut in several widths  lengths to meet your requirements! From standard master rolls width sizes  6.5, 7.5, 9.5 en 11.5 en 14.00 mtr we can cut in all required sizes.

Increase the quality and yield of your crop
RKW Hyplast is a manufacturer of high quality greenhouse film. Our co-extruded films (up to 7 layers), which are among some of the best in the world, combine a high light transmission (PAR), years of longevity, and strong mechanical properties. Consequently, this allows RKW Hyplast to develop the ideal film for any climate and any crop through a series of specific film properties. The ultimate goal is to increase the overall quality and total yield of the crop.

Thermic films reflect more longwave infrared radiation which slows down the cooling of the greenhouse. The end result is that more energy remains in the greenhouse because there is less plant stress, and a reduction of heating costs.

Light transmission diffuse/direct
Depending on the particular region and the crop location, more or less diffused light can have a positive influence on the growth of the crop. Diffused films provide an even spread of light and less crop stress.

Anti-drip effect
Water droplet condensation and dripping can block up to 20% of the (PAR) light, this can also damage the crop. By adding special additives, the condensation on the film will form a thin water layer that is drained off to the side of the greenhouse. Result: more light and less humidity in the greenhouse.

When using anti-drip films, fog can accumulate within the greenhouse in the morning. By adding an anti-mist additive, our films can help prevent this. Result: more light, less humidity.
Important: We recommend the use of anti-drip films only in well-heated and/or ventilated greenhouses where the roof has a sufficient slope. The anti-drip effect is of a time release formulation, maximum longevity of two years, this is because of the migration of the anti-drip additive. Many external parameters can influence the function of the anti-drip and anti-mist effect, therefore, RKW Hyplast cannot provide any guarantee as to the performance of either additive.

Anti-dust effect
By engineering the film with an extra smooth surface, less dust will stick to the film. Result: Higher light transmission, therefore, the film is much easier to clean.

Depending on the crop, climate, and region, ultraviolet radiation can be harmful or beneficial to the crop. RKW Hyplast can engineer the UV-transmission of the film to the specific requirements of the customer. UV-blocking film can also help prevent fungal diseases and diseases transmitted by insects (anti-virus).
Important: UV-blocking films should not be used if pollination by bees or bumblebees is required. Other factors such as temperature and humidity also have
an influence on the development of various diseases. Therefore, the anti-virus film cannot only help prevent these such diseases, but can also be used along with other suitable pesticides.

Resistance against pesticides
Pesticides specifically containing sulphur and or chlorine, can significantly shorten the lifetime of the film. RKW Hyplast offers films with different levels of pesticide- resistance.

Cooling effect
Plants do not require all frequencies of solar energy. Some radiation frequencies like the Near Infra-red (NIR) only provide heat. In what are considered to be hot climates it can be very useful to block this irradiation heat as much as possible in order to avoid overheating and evaporation in the greenhouse. By using special interference pigments in its Kool Lite Plus (Patented) film, RKW Hyplast manages to retain irradiation heat as much as possible, this effect allows as much PAR light as possible to pass through the greenhouse to the crop.

The following table provides an overview of the wide range of RKW Hyplast greenhouse films with their customizable features. Upon request, these properties can be engineered to suit the customer’s specific requirements. For detailed information about our wide range of greenhouse films please contact us.