Crop Supplies

Jumbo Paperpots

The Jumbo Paperpot is an environmentally friendly solution for landscaping. The use of a paper cover means that no plastic pots are needed for growing plants. Combined with the tray, the Jumbo Paperpot provides a favourable rooting climate. Planting can be up to 40% faster and CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 20% with the use of Jumbo Paperpots.

– Suitable for landscaping
– Easy to use for gardeners

– Available in Ø 60 and 80 mm
– Available in 18 and 32 hole trays
– Other sizes available on request
– Different potting soil mixes available
– Environmentally friendly
– Plant up to 40% faster
– CO2 emissions reduced by up to 20%
– Good air/water management
– Available with high and low pH
– Available with high and low EC