Crop Supplies

Pressed pots

Pressed pots based on white peat from the Baltic States. This type of peat is readily available and has a consistent quality. In addition, it allows for a higher air content during cultivation and has great rewetting properties. Since white peat does not remain in compressed form by itself, we have developed a binding agent that allows a stable shape. The binder combined with water ensures a firm pressed pot. Pressed pots are a relatively inexpensive rooting medium and are available in slide trays. Pressed pots are widely used for the rooting of chrysanthemums, the cultivation of lettuce and other leafy vegetables.


  • Available in 3.5 to 10 cm
  • In slide trays, nursery containers or single-use styrofoam trays
  • 48 to 144 pressed pots per bin


  • Suitable for vegetable and chrysanthemum growing
  • Suitable for extended cultivation
  • Suitable for automatic handling