Crop Supplies

Werner Smith – Journey to Crop Supplies

Born and raised in Limpopo, Tzaneen. Lived there for 33 years.

Met my wonderful wife, Lerina Bronkhorst, and decided to move to Gauteng where she lived already for 6 years, by that time. We got married in September of 2016 and the Lord blessed our marriage with a beautiful little boy, Phillip, nickname Krummel, if you look at him, you will immediately know why….

After moving to Gauteng in 2013, I got a position at a Water Soluble Fertilizer Company, called, Ground-Up Fertilizer. I really did not know anything about it but knew how to talk and work with farmers and to grow with them, in good and bad times, hopefully more good.

In 2018 an opportunity presented itself, where I was able to broaden my knowledge in the Agricultural Industry. I started to work at Sun Silicates. I left Sun Silicates, in a very positive light and believe that we will stay friends.

After searching to find a position where I would be able to do what I am passionate about, my journey lead me to Crop Supplies. My goal is to be able to add to the existing success of the team, utilizing my strong attributes, and also to better myself and to learn as much as possible.

Werner Smith
Cell: 074 601 6269