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Hygiene protocol
Hygiene is a very important issue in horticulture: by using various hygiene measures to prevent any diseases and pests from staying in the greenhouse, you ensure that the new crop will not be contaminated again.

Our hygiene protocols for horticulture provide a step-by-step description of which hygiene measures are needed per crop to completely clean and disinfect the greenhouse after removing the old crop.

Disinfection in horticulture
The disinfecting products of Menno Chemie are all registered products, officially approved to be used in greenhouses.

Menno Florades
✔ Effective against resting spores;
✔ Kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroid;
✔ Disinfectant for horticulture with the required GBM approval.

Go for optimal water quality with Huwa-San
Huwa-San is a stabilized hydrogen peroxide that distinguishes itself by its superior stability and extremely efficient operation. It is the product of choice to use for powerful cleaning of your drip hoses, sprinkler lines or fog system. Also for disinfecting silos and other parts of the complete water system.

✔ Prevents the spread of germs;
✔ Working in a broad spectrum (bacteria, fungi, spores, viruses);
✔ Very stable; retains the power in the can and ensures good distribution over the entire water system.