Crop Supplies


Crop Supplies SA delivers a wide rangeĀ of substrates, rooting-media and pots & trays, for the professional growers. The quality of our products is constantly check and managed, in order for us to deliver our customers the best products.

Beside the delivery of products, Crop Supplies SA also provides in the guidance of your growth with our experienced advice. Through our extended knowledge within the company, you will get the best information to expend the quality and harvest of you crops.

A large diversity of crops, results automatically in a large diversity of pots and/or trays which fits the crops. Crop Supplies SA also provides in the needs for advice and delivery of the wanted products.
Crop supplies is a supplier of well-known brands, and knows that making de right choices can lead to optimal growth, expending quality and added value to the product.
To support your crop inside the pot, we can deliver high quality bamboo flowersticks, arches and trellis.